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I'm a voice director, dubbing mixer, sound editor, designer and engineer, working for production companies in studios across London. 

I work across a broad range of media including AAA games, films, advertisements, trailers, short-form content, audio dramas and podcasts. 


I am a member of BAFTA Connect and a supplementary member of the Association of Motion Picture Sound (AMPS), which I use as a resource to expand my skill set and continue learning about creative post-production sound. My keen ear, attentiveness and exceptional people skills mean acting talents and clients love working with me in the studio and continue to return, knowing that the job will be completed to the highest standard.

In 2022 and 2023 I have been a reader for the BAFTA Young Games Designer Awards.


Audio Services


I'm an experienced Voice & Performance Director specializing in creating authentic, high-quality performances for award-winning AAA games, podcasts and animation. I use my specialist knowledge and skill to direct compelling performances from talents, exploring creative ideas for the project with the team and producing fantastic results.


Working on content for UK and international broadcast I'm experienced with a wide range of television delivery specifications.  Mixing together dialogue, sound effects and music to create stories and journeys for the audience that reinforce the visuals of the project and elevate the experience.


As a post-production sound editor and designer, I offer a wide range of services to bring audio projects to life. I love exploring sonic possibilities and manipulating audio to create soundscapes and sound effects for a wide range of modern media. My work includes animations, podcasts, audio drama, radio content, trailers, and adverts.

I work on all forms of dialogue editing, sound effects creation and creative sound design to produce engaging audio content. I use audio restoration tools to improve existing audio quality and clarity for listeners. With an ear for every nuance, my skills will ensure a high-quality end product.


“He has covered a wide range of separate game styles, tones and genres and has brought his professionalism, drive and artistic talents to each and every one. He has expanded himself creatively. Aiding in honing the style of performances of races of creatures, demons and hundreds of speaking roles.
Overall without Adrian’s contribution the early stages of the project wouldn’t have made the release of the early access the success it has been."

Josh Weeden

Lead Voice and Casting Director,

PitStop Productions

My clients include:

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